Francisco Reina

With this work we enter a scenario which shows a noticeable calm.
Silence surrounds everything and turns tranquillity into an apparent reality. Nothing is happening at first sight but we see a floating edifice where something could (or not) be taking place inside.
This edifice seems to be the hidden mystery of the scene, though it is merely the fortress hiding the enigma. Attention is focused on the interior of the house. Mystery lies where our eyes cannot see.

What’s hidden up there?, Maybe our fears?,The truth about our existence? The stairs give us the chance to go inside and discover the enigma. It might even let us know why it is floating. But at the same time, the stairs’ complete lack of earthly contact obstructs our way up.

This edifice is like a Pandora’s box for each of us. We need to know what is inside. But do we dare open it up and take the risk that our fears may rest inside? Or will we resign ourselves to the idea of not knowing the nature of the enigma? This work reflects on the problems that arise in the viewer when a certain perception of reality is formed as a result of more questions than answers coming out of what we see.

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