Francisco Reina

The “political institution,” depicted here in the form of an architectural element, is where the structure and constituent parts that make up a state’s government are laid down. We can also define them as any structure or mechanism of social order governing the behavior of a set of individuals within a given human community.

They exist for societal good. Therefore, these institutions are beyond the reach of individual will.
By meticulously manipulating the image, I have represented these edifices as impenetrable structures that allow nothing to come in and nothing to go out.
We tend to see ruling institutions as if they were rational enterprises whose actions are intended to further the interests of their societies as a whole. The times we live in have made it all too clear that this conception is not always rooted in reality.
Our institutions, public and private alike, through which our society takes shape, are increasingly and inexorably falling under the control of a small but vastly powerful number of political or economic groups which, unfortunately, are far removed from societal reality.

From the massive construction projects of antiquity to modern day corporations both public and private, to armies, churches, unions, educational institutions, the mass media...we are faced with lopsided power dynamics that at times take on dysfunctional shapes, putting the well-being of the members of society at grave risk.

"The Art of Power" is a reminder of how the spanish political empire works.

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